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On 10 November 2015, I engaged the graphic design company pabloschaffner.com to follow an art brief.

A lot of our company’s proprietary artwork was sent to Pablo Schaffner via email.

Our company is called The Eternity Rose. We produce gold dipped and glazed natural roses.

In May 2016 I discovered that this company had started an almost identical online company to ours, called The Original Infinity Rose. The company ACN is 610646592 and it was registered on 9 Feb 2016

Pablo Schaffner is listed as director.

If you look at the two websites The Eternity Rose and The Infinity Rose, you can see that the product packaging has been exactly copied from our packaging. See the rose box pictures.

They had access to our packaging and obviously sent it overseas to be copied. Also much of the website content has been copied. The company had no association with our product before we engaged them to work for us.

In my opinion this is the most disgusting and despicable act of IP theft. I would urge those who are thinking of using the services of the company Pablo Schaffner to exercise extreme caution and understand that if this company thinks they can copy your item and make money, they may steal your ideas and proprietary knowledge.

What is worse, is that they are putting fake roses into the presentation boxes that look identical to ours. The website clearly professes to be supplying “real roses dipped in gold, silver, etc”. However, if you look at the pics, you can clearly see that all flower petals are identical and obviously pressed from a mould. We are waiting on lab test results to see if they have any gold in them. If you break open an Eternity Rose, you will see vegetative material inside. Also every rose is clearly different and quite unique in its shape and form. See the photo.

In my opinion, this despicable act transcends all levels of professional conduct, ethical standards, and beggars belief that a company you trust with your intellectual property as a professional subcontractor can do such a thing. It appears to show that there is no moral code and no level of commercial etiquette or professionalism within this company. They are clearly unscrupulous in my opinion and should be avoided at all costs. I am the managing director of The Eternity Rose. You may contact me for more information.

Please beware of Pablo Schaffner graphic artist Sydney.

This reviewer shared experience about bad quality and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with Pablo Schaffner and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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The only way in which the two companies (The Eternity Rose and The Original Infinity Rose) are the same, is that they both sell gold dipped roses.

Gold dipped roses were not created by The Eternity Rose. Gold plated items, including real roses dipped in 24 karat gold, are not and cannot be sold exclusively by The Eternity Rose.

David Parkinson of The Eternity Rose is accusing me personally, of three things:


Copying his website and IP

If you compare The Eternity Rose’s website and The Original infinity Rose’s website side-by-side, you will clearly see that we both sell gold dipped products. There are also similar offerings such as free shipping, a guarantee, a statement about privacy etc but these are all offers/sections that you could find on any website, regardless of what product is being sold. This is simply competition, we have not infringed on The Eternity Rose’s IP.

Any open-source content management system has countless templates that are similar and you cannot trademark a website template. Our logo is completely different to his and is trademarked, our images are completely different and our wording is completely different.

This is not IP theft. David Parkinson knows this and if he had a case for IP theft he would take legal action. He is not taking legal action and instead is slandering me personally. We are not infringing on The Eternity Rose.

Take telecommunications companies as an example. Does Vodafone exclusively sell iPhones and Smartphones? Do they exclusively have phone plans with 5GB data? Do they exclusively use the colour red?

Of course not. There are many telecommunications companies that sell not only the same product but also very similar inclusions and packages. 2. Selling fake products Our products are not fake in any way.

If you were to break open one of our roses (which we have done), you too would see vegetative material inside. 3. Copying his boxes Yes our boxes are also made from PU leather and are very similar in size and other materials. This is simply because we needed an appropriately sized box to fit our roses, much like you would choose an appropriately sized premium box for say a bottle of wine.

It would be ludicrous to make the product boxes over or under size for obvious reasons. Furthermore, you cannot trademark or patent such a basic box design because there are countless similar boxes available worldwide. They are just simply too common. Conduct a Google image search for leather wine boxes as an example and you will see there are countless leather boxes that are all very similar in the way they are made and they way they open etc.

David Parkinson of The Eternity Rose was one of the only people in Australia with an online shop selling gold dipped roses and now there is another seller in the marketplace. This is simply competition. I’m sorry that he feels The Original Infinity Rose is a threat but it’s unfair for him to think that he can control and dominate the market. David Parkinson should realise that there is room for more than one company to sell gold dipped roses.

He should stop this tit-for-tat harassment because at the end of the day, it hurts his business as well as ours. Pablo Schaffner.

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